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June 3rd; Andy Peters of Ninth Division

May 07, 2009 · 0 comments

Andy PetersAndy Peters has been using Rails for close to three years now. He started using it during his tenure at Sojern. He's since journeyed off and has now created his own venture, Ninth Division LLC where he specializes in the creation of iPhone applications.

iPhone applications have been all the rage lately but one forgotten facet is the development of enhanced Safari based web applications. Utilizing Rails, Andy will take you through the process of building a web application from the ground up stopping to showcase all of Rails's features that make creating web applications easy and quick. Alongside the demo of the framework, he'll show how easy it is to customize your views so that you can tailor your presentation for individual devices. Some plugins will also be discussed.

If you've been curious about Rails and would like to see an app created from start till finish this is the session to attend.

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Jan 21st; Jamis Buck of 37signals

December 17, 2008 · 3 comments

Jamis BuckDoes Jamis Buck need an introduction? Jamis has been a well-known advocate in the Rails community. He's made contributions to the Rails core and is the primary developer of Capistrano, the premier deployment tool for Rails applications. He works for 37signals and develops side by side with David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried to create Basecamp and other 37signals products. Basecamp alone has over two million account holders, tracking over 1.3 millions projects and 13 million to-do items.

We're going to have a 45 minute Q&A session live videocast (via iChat) where you can ask Jamis anything ranging from Rails specifics to programmer productivity to company culture at 37signals. This is not a meeting to be missed!

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Rails and EC2 Recap

November 24, 2008 · 1 comment

The guys at BriteMix were kind enough to record their EC2 presentation and post it to their Vimeo account.

If you're curious about EC2 and all issues related, it's well worth a watch.

Omaha Rails - EC2 from BrightMix on Vimeo.

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Nov 19th; Dusty Davidson of BriteMix on Rails and EC2

October 24, 2008 · 1 comment

Dusty DavidsonDusty Davidson is founder of the local development company BriteMix. BriteMix is a leader in the Omaha area for the development of advanced web applications. Some of their portfolio sites include Tripleseat, an event planning software for restaurants and Food & Spirits, a guide to the best food and dining in the Omaha Area.

Dusty will talk about their usage of Ruby on Rails for the development of the above sites and their deployment on's EC2 platform. Dusty will show what it takes to get a Rails application up and running on EC2, and some of the known gotchas for scaling your Rails app on the platform.

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Next Meeting, October 8th. Ryan Bates of Railscasts will be joining us!

August 26, 2008 · 2 comments

Ryan BatesRyan Bates of the ultra-popular Railscasts website will be joining our meeting on October 8th via an iChat video session. Ryan is unparalleled in the Rails community for along with his professionally done web casts, he has recently presented at RailsConf, helps moderate RailsForum, and has contributed to the Rails core.

Watch some of his tutorials and be thinking about questions that you can ask him. Some possibilities include :

Rails Specific

  • How did you get started with Rails and why do you continue to use it over other alternatives (Django, Merb, etc)
  • Where do you think the biggest bottlenecks exist within the Rails work development flow and how would you propose to solve them?
  • What do you think is the biggest contribution Rails has made in changing the way you develop?

Developer Related

  • Do you have any books (technical or not) that you are currently reading?
  • When considering a new feature for Railscast, what is your approach to design? Do you like to start at the data level first or would you rather sketch up a couple of mockups and work from the UI?


  • Was it difficult in creating a following for the Railscasts website and did you do anything special in the beginning to lure in an audience?
  • How did you go about getting your sponsors?

The QA session will last between 30 and 45 minutes. I will have a mic or two setup so that we can take turns asking questions.

If we have time I will do a second presentation. Since most of the developers at the meeting at least touch upon Java in their working careers, I thought it would be of benefit for the beginners to make a presentation that will compare and contrast some of the differences between development with J2EE/JavaEE and Rails. I will outline the tools and practices that make Rails unique. Topics covered will include convention over configuration, migrations, deployment, and basic meta-programming.

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Kickoff Meeting! Wednesday, August 20th

July 28, 2008 · 5 comments

RailsThe inaugural meeting for the Omaha Rails User Group will be held on August 20th, 7pm.

We'll kick off the meeting by having everyone introduce themselves by giving a bit of your development background and a brief discussion of any Rails projects that you're currently working on.

After the introductions have been said, we'll discuss possible topics for future meetings and gather volunteers to do presentations. Here are some topic ideas :

  • Merb (when is it a useful alternative?)
  • Performance benchmarking
  • RESTful concepts
  • Behavior driven development with rSpec
  • Deployment with Capistrano
  • Scaling Solutions (Memcache, data sharding with DataFabric)
  • New features in 2.1 (named_scope, etc)

Lastly, I will do a presentation on ActiveResource. Think "ActiveRecord for web services". If you follow the RESTful conventions that Rails sets up, you will see how easy it is to expose a service for other 3rd party sites to consume.

Meetings will be held at the AIM Institute's training lab at 412 S. 19th Street. Wireless access available.

I will be attending Barcamp Omaha on August 15-17th, so if you plan on attending please say hello.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

Jim Jones

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